Friday, September 25, 2015

3 Reasons to Obtain a Second Medical Opinion

Healthcare is complicated. Specially if we are talking about complex situations like chemotherapy, dialysis, surgery or advanced procedures. The decisions made between the doctors and the patient will always involve the body of the patient. 

First, a second medical opinion is a way to reassure the patient regarding the course of action its healthcare is taking. There might be many doubts concerning a proposed surgery, for example. A second medical opinion would provide the patient the peace of mind necessary to minimize anxiety associated to the procedure.

Second, a new opinion rendered by a specialized physician would complement and supplement the information that the patient already has. A problem with the current healthcare system is the lack of time physicians have to provide the necessary data that patients need to make informed decisions

Third, a second medical opinion may broaden the options a patient can have. Specialized physicians looking specifically into the patient’s case can provide new insights withe respect to the case and when doing this, alternative therapies can emerge as possibilities when they were not considered initially.

A second medical opinion is a tool that all patients should consider, specially when the the proposed treatment strategies are complex and involve a certain level of risk for the life or wellbeing of the patient.

Marco A. Ramos MD

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