Sunday, September 24, 2017

5 Reasons to Join A Weight Loss Challenge

I have been in several weightless challenges in the past, and here are 5 things that I have “gained” from “losing”. 

Having to be accountable to a coach, and do weekly weigh ins, makes us focus on the numbers on the scale. That weekly number on the scale tells us if we are doing things right, or if we need to modify some things. Our coach can have a conversation with us of what we might need to do to switch things up, and get onto the right path. Plus, we are accountable to the group. The majority of people do not like to quit things.  This forces us keep dredging forward, even when our brain might be telling us to stop.  

Struggling together with other people, is known to help form bonds, and strengthen relationship.  Sometimes these bonds can be so strong that the result is finding life-long friends.  Workouts are funner as a group! Learn from other group members about their difficulties, and how they overcame them. Friends can help solve weightloss or health questions, and can help us become stronger and more healthy individuals.

A challenge is exactly that….a “CHALLENGE”!  We are challenged to think and act differently; think outside of the box, and perhaps do things that we would never had tried outside of The Challenge.  It challenges us to take a hard look at our lifestyle and eating habits, and challenges us to clean up our daily routines and stop dieting mistakes (i.e. eating too many processed foods, consuming foods that aren’t nutrient dense, drinking too much diet soda, eating too much salt, eating too large of portions, etc.).  We might even read a health magazine, book or documentary to help us learn new information about food and it’s relation to our body.  It challenges us to give our bodies a break from these cycles of ‘eating abuse’ that can lead to disease and pain.  When we feel healthier, we tend to make better decisions and have a better outlook on life.

It gives us a calendar day to count down to….the goal is in sight!  We can push ourselves harder knowing that it is not an infinite diet, and the struggle will not always be like it is during the challenge.  For example, I wouldn’t normally say to myself “hey, I only worked out one time today…it’s a Friday night...lets hop on the treadmill!”. The challenge is a short time (56 days, but who’s counting!?!?!) to become stronger, and healthier.  Often, this leads people to make permanent changes in their every day life, because they feel so vibrant and healthy.


It feels amazing to see the number on the scale go backwards instead of forward!!!  We feel like we are in control of our lifestyle.  We choose to focus on the foods we put into our mouth.  We choose to join a gym; get outside and move around; try something new.  This is a wonderful feeling of empowerment.  Sometimes we dig so deep that we find our own power, and end up breaking cycles of addiction. Our clothes begin to fit better.  It’s a win-win situation!!!

By Alana Garcia-Ramos

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